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  • UIC Standard 54E1 60E1 Steel Rail
  • UIC Standard 54E1 60E1 Steel Rail
Product Name:

UIC Standard 54E1 60E1 Steel Rail

54E1/60E1 UIC860 standard steel rail/UIC 60/UIC54 railway steel rail

Length: 12 to 25 meters;

Production standard: UIC860;

Delivery inspection standard: EN13674-1:2011;

Material: 900A/1100;

Hardness:R200, R220, R260.


Product Parameters

As we are known, UIC stands for International Union of Railways. Since 1950, the flat-bottomed steel rails have been widely used in various countries. There are many used types all over the world. The differences between them lie in the detailed geometrical dimensions. The UIC standards were initially adopted in countries such as Europe and North Africa. Currently, they are generally accepted by the international community.

SizeDimension(mm)Weight(kg/m)MaterialLength (m)
Head WidthBottom Width HeightThickness


60 E17215017216.560.21R200      R220      R26012-25
60 E27215017216.560.0312-25

– Standard of UIC 860 V: 1996 – prescribed four types pearlite steel rails in the range of tensile strength from 700 to 1300 MPa.

– Standard EN 13674-1:2011, provides seven types pearlite steel hardness in the range 200 to 390 HBV, types steel in accordance with EN 13674, based on the values of hardness (R 200, R 220, R 260, R 260 Mn, 320 Cr, 350 HT, 350 LHT).

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