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In the dynamic world of rail transportation, international standard rails are the backbone of efficient and safe rail networks. YONGYANG rails are designed to meet rigorous global specifications, ensuring compatibility and reliability across diverse railway systems.

International standard rails play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of rail infrastructure. Whether it's for high-speed passenger trains, heavy freight transport, or urban transit, YONGYANG rails offer consistent performance that adheres to strict quality and safety benchmarks.

Key Features of YONGYANG International Standard Rails:

Dimensional Precision: These rails are manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to standardized dimensions and profiles, enabling seamless compatibility with various rail components.

Material Quality: International standard rails are constructed from high-quality steel, ensuring robust durability and resistance to wear and tear, even in the most demanding railway environments.

Safety Compliance: These rails meet stringent safety and performance standards, offering peace of mind for both railway operators and passengers.

Global Compatibility: With their adherence to recognized international standards such as UIC, AREMA, BS, and others, these rails are versatile and can be used in railway systems around the world.

Longevity: International standard rails are designed for a prolonged service life, minimizing maintenance requirements and operational downtime.

Whether you are involved in railway construction, maintenance, or upgrading existing tracks,YONGYANG international standard rails are your guarantee of quality and reliability. Choose YONGYANG rails to ensure the smooth and safe operation of rail networks, contributing to the advancement of global transportation systems.

International Standard Rail Types

There are several types of international standard rails commonly used in railway systems around the world. These rails are designed to meet specific standards and requirements for various applications. Here are some of the common types:

◎ UIC Rails (International Union of Railways): UIC rails are widely used in Europe and many other regions. They come in various profiles, with UIC 54 and UIC 60 being common examples. UIC 54 rails are often used in mainline railways, while UIC 60 rails are suitable for high-speed railways.

◎ AREMA Rails (American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association): AREMA rails are the standard for railroads in the United States. They come in various sizes, including A, B, C, and 100-175RE, to accommodate different loads and applications. They are commonly used in both freight and passenger railways.

◎ BS Rails (British Standard): BS rails conform to British standards and are primarily used in the UK and some former British colonies. An example is the BS 75A rail, which is often used in heavy rail applications in the UK.

◎ AS Rails (Australian Standard): AS rails are used in Australia and follow the Australian Standard AS 1085. These rails, such as the AS 1085 (47kg) rail, serve various rail applications in the country.

Rail TypeStandardCountry/RegionProfileWeight (kg/m)Common Usage
UIC 54 RailUICEuropeUIC 54 (54E1)54.77Mainline railways in Europe
UIC 60 RailUICEuropeUIC 60 (60E1)60.21High-speed railways in Europe
AREMA RailAREMAUSAA, B, C, 100-175REVariousFreight and passenger railways
BS 75A RailBSUKBS 75A74.39Heavy rail applications in the UK
AS 1085 RailASAustraliaAS 1085 (47kg)47.62Various rail applications in Australia

Each of these rail types has its own unique profile, weight, and characteristics, making them suitable for specific railway systems and applications. The choice of rail type depends on factors such as the intended use, local standards, and load-bearing requirements of the railway system.


As a leading Railway Rail Supplier and a distinguished China railway rail manufacturer, YONGYANG STEEL GROUP is your trusted source for high-quality railway materials that adhere to international standards. With a commitment to precision engineering and innovation, we have established ourselves as the go-to AREMA International Standard Rail Manufacturer, serving the global rail industry with excellence.

Our extensive range of products includes the renowned UIC 54 Steel Rail, an exemplary example of Chinese rail manufacturing expertise that meets and exceeds international standards. Additionally, we proudly manufacture rails compliant with the stringent BS Standard and Australian Standard, ensuring our clients receive top-tier rail solutions no matter where their projects are located.

At YONGYANG STEEL GROUP, we believe in the power of railways to connect nations and promote sustainable transportation. Our dedication to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility is evident in every rail we produce. Join us on a journey towards reliability, durability, and precision in railway infrastructure, as we strive to be your preferred partner in building the tracks to a better future.

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