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Railway fastening system is a set of railway track parts that is designed to fix steel rail and railroad tie. The function of rail fastening system is to maintain the gauge and prevent the vertical and horizontal movement of rails relative to the position of the sleeper. A fastening system is usually consist of rail tie plate, spike, clip, rail anchor or other fasteners.Get a quote.

Types of rail fastening

1.Rail clip

Rail clip is a vital rail fastener, which plays a role in fastening steel rail to the railway sleeper. Functions of rail clip as follow:

  • Rail clip produce clamping force and pass it to the rail track.

  • Rail clip keep the reliable connection between two rails.

  • Rail clip keep the integrity of railroad track as much as possible.

  • Rail clip can absorb the shock produced by locomotive.

Rail clip has many types like E-type, SKL, KPO, Nabla, etc. In general, rail fastening system is used to name after the included rail clip, such as E-type rail fastening system, SKL rail fastening system, KPO rail fastening system, and etc.

2.Tie plate

Tie plate, also called base plate or sole plate, is placed between steel rail and railroad tie. Normally, it was fixed to the sleeper by railroad spikes or rail bolts through holes in the tie plate. Tie plate is used to spread the load and hold the rail in gauge.

3.Rail spike

Dog spike and screw spike are two typical railroad spike types. They are both used to fasten rail to railway sleeper. What’s more, railroad spike help to maintain gauge and keep the rail safety with other railroad fasteners.

Features of railway fastening

1.Good anti-breaking performance

All-steel cold-press national standard railway fasteners have the advanced structure, their all-steel plate cold forming, strength and toughness have exceeded national and international standards, completely eliminating the possible accidents caused by broken fasteners and scaffold collapse.

2. Strong anti-rusty performance

The galvanized anti-corrosion treatment can greatly improve the anti-rusty performance and so the service life of new fasteners exceeds that of old fasteners, overcoming the problems of old fasteners, eliminating the hidden dangers. These can guarantee and improve the overall mechanical performance and safety performance.

3. Fast and Convenient

The structure optimized railway fasteners are lightweight, beautiful and comfortable. They can reduce labor intensity in working process.  

Yongyang specializes in manufacturing railway accessories. To ensure higher quality, our railway fasteners have undergone many key tests. We can manufacture other types of high speed railway fasteners according to the requirements of the clients. Contact with us for more information.

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