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Rail Clip


Product Parameters

Rail Clip, also called rail clamp, welding clamp, which is a kind of fixed device and designed to fix heavy rail in the most arduous applications. The rail clips are usually welded on the steel I-beam, but sometimes also can be used in steel plates which embedded in concrete.


Hebei Yongyang can provide you various kind of rail clips, which is widely applied in rail construction,


Rail Clip can be divided into welding rail clip and bolted rail clip. Includes WJK, SWJK, HWJK series TG38, TG43, TG50, TG60, QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120 ,which consists of base, cover, wear, spring flat washer. With two kinds materials: one kind is half cast steel: cover for nodular cast iron, the base for cast steel. The other is a whole cast steel: top and bottom are cast steel. 

The GSR rail clip includes: GSR W120-15, W16-215, W20-221, W216-08, B120-15. 

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