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Rail Clamp

Rail Clamp is kind of device to be clamped on the rail to prevent the train from passing a given point to the ground to avoid risks. The rail clamps are always boltable, self-locking, and adjustable.


Product Parameters

Rail clamps, similar to other track material “rail clips” or fixing clips, are designed to clamp on the tracks for preventing the movement of the railroad rail. Adjustable rail clamps allow necessary horizontal movement for the purpose of installation accuracy of different standard rails. The main application of rail clamps is for cranes. For the installation method, they can be divided into bolted rail clamps and welded rail clamps.

The most sold type is welded rail clamp composed of the cover plate, base plate, t bolt, nut, washer. the material of cover plate and base plate are ductile cast iron, cast steel. Bolt, nut, flat washer applied with Q235. Spring washer produced with 60Mn, 60si2Mn.

We can supply various kinds of rail clamps for different rail conditions. These rail clamps are available in varied specifications and can be customized according to customers’ specific requirements.

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