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Heavy Rail Will Encounter What Injury or Damage Situation?

Sep. 13, 2022 Share:

Heavy rail, is different from light rail, is a large weight vehicle running track, not only refers to the light weight of the track itself, but also has a relationship. Because the big weight vehicle running track to bear the larger vehicle weight, so the rail is thicker and heavier, the track specification requirements are higher. So heavy rail are faced with what injury and damage? Please follow YongYang to understand it!


The role of steel rails?


We all know that the train in the process of running can not derail, but the train encountered the corner what to do? This mainly depends on the guiding role of the rails, so that the train can walk along the curve. In addition, the rail also has to bear the weight of the train, and the weight generated by the train to the following road bed, which is mainly the role of the rail pressure transfer. In addition, the rail also has the role of electrical conductivity, to play the role of signal transmission.


Requirements for rails


Know the role of the rail, it is necessary to have certain requirements for the rail, the most basic requirements for the rail is to have sufficient strength, stability and wear resistance. In order to make the rail has enough bending resistance, so the rail is often designed into the I-beam.


In addition, the rail also needs the following properties, sufficient strength and wear resistance, high fatigue strength and toughness, a certain degree of elasticity, smooth enough top surface, good weldability, high speed railroad rail of high straightness.


YongYang 75Kg Heavy Steel Rail

YongYang 75Kg Heavy Steel Rail

Rail injury and damage


The rail bears the train operation as well as the surrounding environment changes brought about by various forces, plus the rail itself material reasons, after the accumulation of time, will cause damage to the rail surface or internal. The reason of rail damage, both in the smelting process of the rail defects, but also in the transportation, use of the process of breakage. Rail injury is a great threat to the safety of traffic.


Rail damage mainly has the following categories.


A. Rail abrasion.

Mainly due to the friction between the train and the rail caused by the top surface of the rail working side and side abrasion, the top surface of the abrasion is called rail vertical abrasion, side abrasion is called rail side abrasion. Rail wear is common in the track line curve section.


B. Corrosion.

Mainly due to the erosion of steel rails by underground or surface water caused. Urban rail transit due to the high humidity of the air in the tunnel, will also lead to rail corrosion.


C. Rail surface abrasion.

Mainly due to the train wheel pair friction caused by local larger abrasion, often into a dotted distribution.


YongYang 60kg railway rail china manufacturing

YongYang 60kg railway rail china manufacturing

D. Cracking.

Mainly by the impact of the train wheel pair, friction or the rail itself contains by impurities caused by the cracking of various parts of the rail. Common in the train impact larger parts, such as rail joints, turnouts rutting fork heart, track uneven settlement lot, small radius curve lot.


E. Nuclear injury.

Mainly caused by the rail material, that is, the internal clip gray rail, in the train's continuous crushing action, resulting in impurities part and rail parent material stripping.


F. Spalling off block.

Rail crack or nuclear injury, in the train wheel pair impact continues to develop, it will form the rail surface spalling off block. Rust serious sections of the rail, will also cause spalling off blocks.


G. Rail fracture.

Mainly due to serious corrosion, cracks, nuclear injury, spalling off blocks and other fatigue injury of the rail in the train wheel impact and external temperature force and other multiple factors caused by the rail fracture.


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