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  • 75Kg Heavy Steel Rail
  • 75Kg Heavy Steel Rail
Product Name:

75Kg Heavy Steel Rail

75 kg heavy rail is used for heavy rail track railway to transport large bulk cargo goods.






Product Parameters

75kg steel rail is a kind of GB standard heavy rail, it is mostly used for the transportation of larger mine roadways and factory workshops, crane hoisting equipment, and the laying of special railway lines.

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typeweight (kg/m)materiallength (m)
rail height (mm)bottom width (mm)head width (mm)web thickness (mm)

Heavy Steel RailSizeRail HeightBottom WidthHead WidthWeb ThicknessWeightkg/m

75Kg Heavy Rail

Introduction and application

Steel rail, also called rail track, steel track, is the main component of railway track. Its function is to guide the wheels of the locomotive, bear the great pressure of the wheel, and keep the stability of railway transportation. The rail must provide continuous, smooth and minimum rolling surfaces for the wheels. In electrified railway or automatic block section, rail can also be used as an orbital circuit.

The steel rail in china are divided into Crane rail, Heavy rail and light rail.

Regarding heavy rail, there are 38kg, 43kg, 50kg, 60kg and 75kg.It also called P38 steel rail, P43 steel rail, P50 steel rail, P60 steel rail and P75 steel rail. 

The Heavy rail is mainly used for the laying of temporary transportation lines and light locomotive lines for tunnel, seaport, factories and construction sites.

75Kg Heavy Steel Rail

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