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What Does a Railroad Track Consist Of?

Sep. 03, 2022 Share:

Track is an important part of line equipment, its role is to guide the locomotive vehicle operation, directly bear the locomotive vehicle load, and load distribution to the roadbed or bridge and tunnel buildings. The track structure should have sufficient strength, stability and smoothness to ensure that the rolling stock runs according to the maximum load and maximum allowable speed, and YONGYANG will take you to understand the structural composition of railroad track today.


Track structure can be divided into ballasted track structure and ballastless track structure.


Ballastless track is a form of track structure composed of concrete or asphalt mixture instead of loose ballast bed. Ballastless track is composed of ballastless bed, rails, joint parts and turnouts, etc., as shown in the figure below.


SUP6 Leaf Spring Steel Flat Bars

SUP6 Leaf Spring Steel Flat Bars

The role of each main part of the track


Rail is the most important component of the track, it directly bears the load of the train, relying on the interaction between the inner side of the rail head and the rim of the rolling stock, guiding the train operation, relying on its own stiffness and elasticity of the rolling stock load distribution, transferring to the rail sleeper. As the axle weight of the rolling stock gradually increases, the speed of traffic is increasing, the load on the rail is also increasing, so the material and strength of the rail also has higher requirements.


The rail sleeper on the one hand is to bear the rail down the rolling stock force, and transfer it to the bed; on the other hand is through the fasteners to fix the rail in the specified position, in order to maintain the gauge, rail bottom slope, curve super high, etc., and at the same time with the rail to form the rail row, and with the bed combined to provide the required bed longitudinal and transverse resistance.


Ballast bed is the foundation of the rail sleeper, on which a certain number of rail sleepers are arranged at prescribed intervals to provide the elasticity and longitudinal and transverse resistance of the track, and to facilitate drainage and correction of the plane and longitudinal section of the track. Ballastless bed is a kind of bed form with concrete instead of rail sleepers and bulk ballast.


The turnout is composed of rutting device, rut fork and rail guard, connecting parts, whose main function is to guide the train from one line to another line.


Connecting parts include joint connecting parts and fasteners. The role of joint joint parts is to realize the reliable connection between rails and rails, to keep the continuity and integrity of rails; the role of fasteners is to realize the reliable connection between rails and rail sleepers, to stop the longitudinal and transverse displacement of rails relative to rail sleepers, to ensure the normal gauge, to provide insulation and elasticity.


Anti-climbing equipment consists of anti-climbing device and anti-climbing support, used to strengthen the rail and rail sleeper connection, improve the line resistance to rail crawling ability. For the line using elastic fasteners, can not set up anti-climbing equipment.


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