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Do You Know How Train Rails Are Cut?

Dec. 31, 2020 Share:

The Rail Supplier introduces you to the cutting method of the rail

There is a special equipment for train rail cutting, called a rail cutting machine, whose main function is to cut the rail quickly and accurately as required.

The operation of the rail cutting machine is also very simple when it is working. After controlling the cutting size, tighten the clamp and fix it firmly

The cutting head is connected to the fixture holder



Start the Rail cutting machine, ready to start work. Rail cutting machines are divided into internal combustion rail cutting machines and electric rail cutting machines. The internal combustion rail cutting machine uses gasoline engines as the main power and is suitable for use in the field and other places without power.

The working principle of the electric rail cutting machine: According to the cutting principle of the toothless saw, the swing mechanism is used to make the axis of the rotating sheet grinding wheel reciprocate around the axis of the rail along a certain track, and the sheet grinding wheel cuts the rail.

The contact length between the turning plane of the thin-section grinding wheel and the rail section is small, thereby reducing the wear of the thin-section grinding wheel and improving the utilization rate and working efficiency of the thin-section grinding wheel.

The imported machine is characterized by high speed, light weight, fast cutting speed, but high price and expensive accessories and consumables. Domestically-made machines are heavier than imported ones, but they are cheap and easy to buy. They have been widely used in railway bureaus.

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