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How Much Do You Know about Railroad Sleepers

Mar. 16, 2022 Share:

Rail sleepers are a type of railroad attachment . The rail sleeper not only supports the rail, but also keeps the rail in place and transmits the great pressure transmitted by the rail to the roadbed. It must have a certain degree of flexibility and elasticity. When the train passes, it can be properly deformed to cushion the pressure, but the train must recover as much as possible.

How Much Do You Know about Railroad Sleepers

Chinese standard 55Q 30kg/P30 railroad track

Railroad ties were originally made of wood. Wood has good flexibility and insulation. Wooden rail sleepers are less affected by temperature changes in the surrounding medium, light weight, easy to replace in processing or railway lines, and also have sufficient resistance to displacement. The service life of wooden sleepers is also greatly extended after anti-corrosion treatment, about 15 years. Therefore, 90% of the world's railway lines use wooden sleepers. With the decrease of forest resources and people's environmental awareness, of course, due to the development of science and technology, at the beginning of the last century, some countries began to produce steel rail sleepers and reinforced concrete rail sleepers to replace wooden sleepers.

Wooden sleepers

Wooden sleepers are made of wood, also known as sleepers, preserved wood sleepers, also known as oil-filled sleepers. The production of wooden sleepers must use tough and flexible wood. Wooden sleepers can be divided into ordinary wooden sleepers, squat sleepers and bridge sleepers according to their uses.

However, due to the material, the elasticity, strength and durability of wooden sleepers are not uniform enough, which will increase the wheel track power and consume a lot of high-quality wood. Wooden sleepers short service life, failure for many reasons, mainly rotting, mechanical wear and tear and cracking, etc.. As the wooden pillow is easy to rot, in order to effectively extend the service life, sleepers must generally be coated with oil anti-corrosion use.

How Much Do You Know about Railroad Sleepers

Rail clip


Good elasticity, light weight, simple production, good insulation performance, low price.

Simple connection between fastener system and wooden sleeper, easy to lay, process and transport.

A large coefficient of friction between the wooden sleeper and gravel ballast.

Rail pillow plasticity is good, can be processed according to the actual situation, less waste.

Concrete rail sleeper

Concrete rail sleeper is a concrete product used as railroad rail sleeper. Concrete rail sleeper consists of cement, sand, stone, water and admixture in a certain proportion, mixing the synthetic mixture with steel wire or steel reinforcement injected into the combined model of rail sleeper accessories, using vibration molding or vibration molding, steam curing and relaxation, cutting the end of the rail sleeper, and other methods of making concrete rail sleeper.

This concrete rail sleeper has the advantages of saving wood, long service life, good quality of laying track, low maintenance and low cost. The damage rate and scrap rate is much lower than that of wooden sleepers. The application on high-speed, heavy-duty, seamless and other railroads is significantly better than wood, and the stability is improved by 15~20% on average. Therefore, it is especially suitable for high-speed passenger lines. For example, Japan's Shinkansen and Russia's high-speed main line are using concrete rail sleepers.

How Much Do You Know about Railroad Sleepers

Leaf Spring Flat bar

Steel sleeper

Steel rail sleeper has been widely used in Germany and Switzerland Federal Railways. However, due to the easy rusting of steel rails, high consumption of steel and high maintenance costs, the use is gradually decreasing.

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How Much Do You Know about Railroad Sleepers

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