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Functions of Flat Springs and How They Work

Mar. 09, 2022 Share:

Flat springs are flat strips of material that store and release energy when deflected by an external load. Flat springs are small stamped metal components that act as springs by controlling deflection in small or restricted spaces. Leaf springs can also be used as spacers or grounding.


Leaf springs are an important component in suspensions, for example in cars or other vehicles, providing stability and helping to minimise wear and tear on other components. They are flat springs made from individual layers or sheets of metal. Leaf springs are commonly used in the design and repair of vehicles, including drive or steering shafts.

Leaf springs

Leaf springs are one of the oldest forms of springs, dating back to the Middle Ages, and they are an important component of suspensions, for example in cars or other vehicles. They provide stability and help to minimise wear and tear on other components.

They are made from individual layers of metal or metal leaves and are often used in automotive designs for drive or steering shafts.

Functions of Flat Springs and How They Work

Leaf Spring Steel Flat Bars

Flat coil springs

Flat coil springs are used in conjunction with counterweights to control the action of valves, such as those in automotive exhaust systems. They are wound into specific configurations to absorb shock or provide tension and can be found in seats to provide support or in automotive applications.

The work of leaf springs

When a vehicle goes over bumps, the axle tends to move up and down. However, thanks to the provision of leaf springs, they support the axle and help to absorb vibrations and shocks.

Let's understand how it works with an example!  Suppose a train goes over a speed bump, which causes the wheels and axles to be forced upwards. Therefore, as the axle moves upwards, the leaf spring moves with it, but because of its semi-elliptical shape, it absorbs the upward force and transmits it to the chassis frame. The unbuckle of the leaf spring helps it to expand as it is stressed.  

They are used in a variety of applications in different industries, such as motors, office equipment, generators, balancing, doors and electrical switchgear.

Functions of Flat Springs and How They Work

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