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Two Reinforcement Methods Are Available For Heavy Rails

Jul. 16, 2019 Share:

Generally speaking, the heavier the rail, the lesser the degree of rail damage will be, and it will not be easily bent and deformed. For example, 43kg Steel Rail is not easy to bent. According to this problem, China Standard Heavy Steel Rail Manufacturer has the following two ways of strengthening to be shared with you.

China Standard Heavy Steel Rail Manufacturer

China Standard Heavy Steel Rail Manufacturer

1. The alloying of the rails has simple production process, low investment, low energy consumption, overall reinforcement of the rails, uniform hardness of the surface layer and good weld ability.

2. Heat treatment of carbon steel, this method can also improve the strength and hardness of the rail, and at the same time, the toughness is good, the alloy is saved, and it is suitable for mass production. The practice of metallurgical industry believes that if the steel is not changed, it is difficult to increase the strength by carbon steel alone. Only the combination of micro-alloy and heat treatment can complement each other to obtain higher strength. High quality rails with corresponding toughness, hardness and weld-ability.

These two methods can greatly reduce the previous situation, and the use of the rails will be more convenient.

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