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How To Slow The Steel Track Contact Fatigue Damage?

Jul. 19, 2019 Share:

The Steel Track is designed to guide the wheels of the vehicle forward and withstand the enormous pressure of the wheels, which must provide a continuous, smooth and least resistant rolling surface for the wheels. In use, the rails are often subject to wear and tear, and the good rails let you know the contact fatigue damage of the rails. The rail contact fatigue damage can be roughly divided into three stages:

Steel Track

Steel Track

1. The change of the shape of the rail tread, the unevenness of the rail tread, and the saddle-shaped wear at the weld will increase the impact of the wheel on the rail.

2. The contact fatigue of the rail joint is formed because the fatigue strength of the metal contact is insufficient. When the maximum shear stress point exceeds the shear yield limit, the point becomes a plastic region.

3. The destruction of the metal on the surface of the rail. Due to the cold work hardening of the metal, the hardness of the working surface of the rail head will continue to increase. When the total mass is 150~200mt, micro-cracks are formed on the surface of the rail head. Control the shape of debris. The use of quenched steel rails, the development of high-quality heavy rails, the reform of the old rail reuse system, the rational use of rails; rail rail material classification and other track can alleviate the rail contact fatigue damage.

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