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  • U71Mn QU70 Crane rail made in china
  • U71Mn QU70 Crane rail made in china
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U71Mn QU70 Crane rail made in china

Looking for a robust and reliable crane rail solution? Look no further than the U71Mn QU70 Rail, proudly made in China to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Material: U71Mn





Product Parameters

The U71Mn Rail Specification sets the standard for excellence in heavy-duty applications. Manufactured with precision engineering and utilizing high-grade U71Mn steel, this rail offers superior strength, load-bearing capacity, and longevity. It is designed to withstand the most demanding environments, ensuring reliable and efficient operations.

Typeweight (kg/m)materiallength (m)
rail height (mm)bottom width (mm)head width (mm)web thickness (mm)

Equally impressive is the Qu70 Rail Specification, which highlights its unique characteristics and suitability for a wide range of industrial applications. With precise dimensions and a tailored design, the Qu70 Rail offers optimal support for cranes and heavy machinery, ensuring smooth and efficient material handling operations.

Crane RailSizeRail HeightBottom WidthHead WidthWeb ThicknessWeight kg/m

The U71Mn QU70 Crane Rail combines the best of both worlds, incorporating the exceptional qualities of U71Mn steel and the superior design of the Qu70 Rail. This winning combination provides a rail solution that surpasses expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and longevity.

QU70 Crane Rail

As a leading manufacturer in China, YONGYANG takes pride in producing crane rails that adhere to the highest industry standards. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive a product that exceeds your expectations.

Experience the exceptional performance and reliability of the U71Mn QU70 Crane Rail today. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our superior rail solution can elevate your industrial operations to new heights.


Steel rail, also called rail track, or steel track, is the main component of railway track. Its function is to guide the wheels of the locomotive, bear the great pressure of the wheel, and keep the stability of railway transportation. The rail must provide continuous, smooth and minimum rolling surfaces for the wheels. In an electrified railway or automatic block section, rail can also be used as an orbital circuit.

The steel rail in China is divided into Crane rail, Heavy rail and light rail.

Here's a table comparing the differences between crane rail, heavy rail, and light rail:

Crane RailHeavy RailLight Rail
PurposeSpecifically designed for crane and heavy-duty material handling applicationsMainly used for railway tracks and transportation of heavy loadsPrimarily used for urban transit systems, trams, and light-duty applications
Load CapacityHigh load-bearing capacity to support heavy machinery and cranesModerate load-bearing capacity for freight and passenger trainsLower load-bearing capacity suitable for light vehicles and transit systems
ProfileWide and flat profile, often with asymmetrical designs to accommodate crane wheelsStandardized profile with a consistent design for railway tracksNarrower profile, optimized for urban transportation and smaller vehicles
MaterialHigh-grade steel for enhanced strength and durabilityHigh-quality steel to withstand heavy loads and railway trafficLightweight materials such as aluminum or composite materials for improved energy efficiency and maneuverability
UsageMainly used in industrial settings like ports, construction sites, and manufacturing facilitiesPredominantly employed in railway networks for the transportation of goods and passengersPrimarily utilized in urban areas for public transit systems and light transportation
Track MaintenanceRequires specialized maintenance due to heavy-duty usage and higher stress levelsRegular maintenance and inspection are required for railway safety and operational efficiencyRelatively easier maintenance due to lighter loads and simpler systems
ApplicationsMaterial handling, crane operations, heavy machinery transportFreight and passenger train transportationUrban transit systems, trams, light-duty transport

Note: The table above provides a general overview of the differences between crane rail, heavy rail, and light rail. Please note that specific specifications, profiles, and applications may vary depending on the region and industry standards.

In China, the Crane rail includes QU70, QU80, QU100 and QU120. which also called ISCR70, ISCR80, ISCR100 and ISCR120 Crane rail in India. In Russia, it is called KP70, KP80, KP100 and KP120 Crane rail. 

Crane rails are designed for carrying heavy loads and are used in the laying of crane tracks for port building. Compared with the railway's heavy rail, the crane rail height is low and the head width thick waist size is bigger.

Whether you require crane rails for port facilities, construction sites, or manufacturing plants, the U71Mn QU70 Crane Rail is the ideal choice. Its impressive specifications and robust construction make it suitable for heavy-load applications, ensuring seamless and safe material handling operations. Get a Free Quotation.

QU70 Crane Rail

QU70 Crane Rail

QU70 Crane Rail

QU70 Crane Rail

QU70 Crane Rail

QU70 Crane Rail

QU70 Crane Rail

QU70 Crane Rail

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