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Why Is The Steel Track Laid On The Gravel?

Nov. 21, 2018 Share:

The rails are laid on top of the gravel, why lay it on the gravel instead of laying it directly on the ground. Today, the China fish bolt wholesale answers the question why the rails should be laid on the gravel. Let's take a look:

1. The load of the rolling stock is passed through the rails, and the sleepers are scattered on the roadbed surface through the diffusion of the track bed, which plays the role of protecting the roadbed.

2. Provides the longitudinal and lateral resistance against the rails and maintains the correct geometry of the track, which is especially important for seamless lines.

3. It is used for rainwater. When the train passes by, it will reduce the vibration and reduce the effect of floating dust.

4. Provide a certain elasticity and damping, play a role in cushioning and shock absorption.

5. The irregular arrangement of gravel can decompose the pressure of the track in different directions. The track is more stable and does not deform.

6. Gravel can absorb noise and absorb heat. The chopped gravel is very irregular in shape, and the stone is easily broken. In this way, the high heat generated by the train passing through the crack of the stone can be absorbed, and the smooth heat absorption of the smooth stone is not good.

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