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Do You Know The Importance Of Steel Track?

Nov. 14, 2018 Share:

Heavy steel rail, steel rail are the main components of railway tracks. They are constantly under heavy pressure on the wheels. At the same time, they must provide continuous, smooth and least resistant rolling surfaces for the wheels. The rail is rolled by carbon calming steel smelted in an open hearth furnace and an oxygen converter. Its purpose to withstand the operating pressure and impact load of the rolling stock.

The railway is my important transportation line. The railway transportation capacity is large and the price is affordable. It is the choice of many people.

To choose high-quality products, carefully choose to ensure the quality of the rails, which is also indirectly to protect the personal safety of passengers, giving passengers a safe journey.

Rail requirements for high-speed railways:

1. It is required to have high wear resistance and high strength.

2. To have good fatigue resistance, especially good contact fatigue resistance, in addition to high strength, high cleanliness is required.

3. It should Have good soldering properties and thus requires the use of seamless wiring.

4. It should have good fracture resistance and ensure the safety and reliability of railway system operation.

We have a variety of steel track for you, such as light steel rail, crane rail, etc. You can follow us to help you learn more about the steel track.

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