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What Is The Wavy Wear Of Heavy Rails?

Nov. 12, 2018 Share:

The heavy steel rail wavy wear refers to the wavy uneven wear on the top surface of the rail, which is essentially a wave-shaped crush. Wave grinding will cause high wheel-rail dynamics, accelerate damage to rolling stock and rail components, and increase maintenance and repair costs. In addition, the train's severe vibration will make passengers uncomfortable. In severe cases, it will also threaten driving safety. Its development speed is faster than side grinding, which is the main reason for the change in rail.

Wave milling can be divided into the short wave and long wave. The corrugation is a periodic irregularity with a wavelength of about 50 to 100mm and an amplitude of 0.1 to 0.4mm; a long wave is a periodic irregularity with a wavelength of 100 mm or more and 3000 mm or less and an amplitude of 2 mm or less.

The wave grinding mainly occurs on heavy-duty transportation lines, especially in coal transportation and transportation lines. It also occurs in different degrees on high-speed passenger lines and is also common in urban subways. In general, the dynamic effect is the external cause of the formation of the rail wave, and the material properties of the rail are the internal factors of the wave grinding.

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