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Which Accessories Are Included In The Railway Accessories?

Nov. 05, 2018 Share:

There are many types of railway track fasteners, which are roughly divided into three categories of accessories, each of which has its own special existence.

The first is the railway track connection fittings, one is the connecting fittings of the same side rails, and the other is the connecting fittings between the parallel rails. Commonly used connecting components between parallel rails are gauge rods, gauge feet, and other link accessories. The general gauge pull rod is a common rail connection accessory in railway fittings. In special cases, an insulated gauge rod is required. The splint is an indispensable accessory in the railway track connection and is used for the connection between the rail and the rail.

The second is the railway track products, one is the GB standard steel rail, and the other is the large-sized ballasts and cores in the railway track. The laying of railway rails in railway transportation is the basic configuration and appears in the laying and installation process of railway tracks.

Finally, there are fixed fittings for railway tracks. Generally, there are simple railway stud products and slightly complicated press rail products and accessories. Common railroad spikes include spiral spikes and ordinary spikes.

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