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Purchase Considerations Of Railway

Nov. 01, 2018 Share:

There are many types of railway track fasteners, and the rails are a representative one. The selection of the rails requires special attention. What should be paid attention to?

In the selection process, we must first pick a more formal manufacturer, so the quality is more secure. Because the rail is not an ordinary product, it needs absolute quality clearance, you should have the opportunity to watch the production workshop, see if the production process is strictly controlled, the material and process are regular, and then decide whether to buy this product.

Optimistic about the manufacturer, then look at the finished product, whether the surface of the rail is clean and smooth, there should be no defects such as cracks, crusting, scratches, etc. the end face must not have shrinkage marks and interlayers. The extent of the defects allowed in the overall surface of the light and heavy rail and the amount of its geometry shall not exceed the standard.

Regular rails should be straight after rolling and must not be significantly bent and twisted. For the local bending and torsion of the light and heavy rails and the amount of their correction, the inclination of the rail end faces, etc.shall not exceed the standard.

These items are the links that need to be taken to select the rails so that the quality of the rails can be guaranteed.

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