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Super Costs Rail Steel qualities: From heavy-haul to city transportation

May. 09, 2020 Share:

Given that its very starting, the train system has actually been driven by a consistent demand for more growth. Heavy-haul railways have focused lasting on enhancing the yearly throughput by elevating axle loads and boosting train sizes and also train regularities.

Although some demands such as high axle tons and also yearly tonnages specify for heavy-haul railways, others such as really tight contour span or the need for maintenance innovations are mainly existing in city railways. But both are joined in the need for advanced track components which supply appropriate material resistance for long-service lives and little upkeep needs as the available maintenance home windows are obtaining smaller sized as well as smaller sized.

Based on the expertise concerning the positive effect of the hypereutectoid material principle (C > 0.9 per cent) on the efficiency of 12m Heavy Steel Rail supply, a new course of rail steels was appointed in tracks more than twenty years ago; the so-called Super Premium Rail Steels. Based upon this good deal of academic and also practical experience, the success story of hypereutectoid rail steels has been moved from heavy-haul application into urban railways.


Super Costs Rail Steel qualities from yongyang have remained in usage in tracks with high functional needs for virtually two decades. Initial examination installments were developed in tracks of heavy-haul trains with axle loads of approximately 42 to, which were quickly followed by basic setups no longer for screening functions, as the tests right away showed the wonderful potential of this sort of rail steels. The extremely positive practices of Super Costs Rail Steels does not only entail rail wear, yet also the formation of corrugation in addition to moving call exhaustion.

The procedures for the advancement of brand-new rail steels with remarkable homes cover the precise chemical structure of the rail steel, the modification and also optimization of the transformation features of the steel and the succeeding production and warm treatment actions.

The brand yongyang creates a line of product of various rail steels. Depending on the corresponding client, depending on the really special requirements of a specific train, the very best product concept is determined, and a proper remedy is supplied to the train endeavor

An adjustment of way of thinking in urban tramway application

While the heavy-haul industry has actually experienced a continuous boost of wear and RCF resistance for 12m  Heavy Steel Rail, specifically among Main European tramway operators a supposed 'Easy-to-Maintain' principle has actually been developed, where a build-up-welding process is made use of to restore the product loss due to lateral wear. This technique is favouring rail steels with low carbon materials to make certain that Gauge Corner Repair work Welding in limited curves will be stable in process without pre-heating.

The circumstance has altered, as throughout the ins 2015 a fad towards a 'Put-in-and-Forget' approach was prevalent. The suggestion behind that method is to use Railway Rail steels with greatest possible wear resistance as well as stay clear of Scale Edge Restoration even in tight contours, while preserving great joint weldability with all usual welding treatments. Reasons for this standard change might be looked for in tough spending plan scenarios or the idea that drivers wished to eliminate possible failure sources from Scale Edge Repair Welding.

With the grooved rail steel, yongyang flawlessly meets the standards of a 'Put-in-and-Forget' approach, thereby converting the product ideas from the heavy-haul industry directly into tough tramway contours. In worldwide track test, using 400GHT in limited curves has led to longest track solution lives spans of all contrasted steel qualities without the need for Gauge Edge Reconstruction. Besides authorizing great weldability, it could be proven that corrugation is also considerably lowered, standing for an usual resource of noise and resonance.

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