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Where To Buy Slotted Angle Bar Singapore?

Apr. 28, 2020 Share:

When we use the Angle bar in industrial production, where can we buy the Angle bar cheaply? You need to know that our factory produces Angle bar with good quality and favorable price.

Angle bar

Angle bar

Angle bar, commonly known as Angle iron, is perpendicular to each other on both sides of the long steel bar. Angle steel is carbon structural steel used in construction. It is a type of steel with a simple section, mainly used for metal components and the frame of the workshop. Good weldability, plastic deformation performance, and certain mechanical strength are required in use. The raw material billet for Angle steel production is low carbon square billet, and the finished Angle steel is delivered in the form of hot rolling, normalizing, or hot rolling.

Said method

The specification of the width * width * side thickness of the mm number such as 50*50*5 can also be expressed as 5# Angle steel since the long shape sometimes followed by the length of equilateral Angle steel through length is 2-4 good length 3-3m; 5-8 length 4-12m; 9-4, 4-19 m long; 16-20 length 6-19m, such as 50*50*6m.

Types and methods

Classification of Angle steels

1. According to the type, it can be divided into equilateral Angle steel and non-equilateral Angle steel

The unequal Angle steel can be divided into the unequal thickness and unequal thickness

Divide by size

  • (1) large Angle steel: side length above 12.5cm

  • (2) medium Angle steel: the edge is above 12.5cm-5cm

  • (3) small Angle steel: the side length is less than 5cm

Angle bar

Specification of Angle steel

In terms of side length and side thickness. At present, the specification of domestic Angle steel is 2-20, with the length of the cm number, the same Angle steel often 2-7 different side thickness. The actual size and thickness of both sides of the imported Angle steel shall be indicated and the relevant standards shall be indicated. Generally, large Angle steel with side length above 12.5cm, medium Angle steel between 12.5cm-5cm, and small Angle steel with side length below 5cm.

The order of import and export Angle steel is generally based on the specifications required in use, and its steel number is the corresponding carbon steel number. That is, Angle steel in addition to the specification number, there is no specific composition and performance series.

The delivery length of Angle steel is divided into two types: fixed length and double length. The selection range of fixed length of domestic Angle steel is 3 -- 9m, 4 -- 12m, 4 -- 19m and 6 -- 19m according to the different specifications. The length selection range of Angle steel made in Japan is 6-15m.

The section height of Angle steel is calculated according to the length and width of Angle steel.

Appearance quality requirement

The surface quality of Angle steel is stipulated in the standard, the general requirement must not exist harmful defect on use, be like layer, scar, crack to wait.

The allowable range of geometric shape deviation of Angle steel is also stipulated in the standard, generally, including bending degree, side width, side thickness, top Angle, theoretical weight, etc., and the Angle steel shall not have significant torsion.

Chemical composition test

Composition index: the chemical composition of Angle steel is a series of rolled steel for general structure, the main inspection index is C, Mn, P, S. According to different brands, the content varies, with the rough range of C < 0.22%, Mn: 0.30 -- 0.65%, P < 0.060%, S < 0.060%.

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