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What Technology Is Required For Steel Rail?

Mar. 15, 2019 Share:

China Steel Crane Rail Manufacturer said that because the rails require professional technology and professional equipment in production, they can make qualified product quality. 

What technologies are used in the production and production of High Quality Steel Rail manufacturers?

China Steel Crane Rail Manufacturer

1. The use of off-furnace refining and vacuum degassing technology to ensure the intrinsic quality of the billet, control the residual elements and gases in the steel to ensure the purity of the steel.

2. The use of continuous casting blooms, mainly to improve the low-fold structure of the billet. The stepping furnace is used to heat the steel slab, which can effectively control the atmosphere in the furnace and prevent the steel from decarburization and heating temperature unevenness during heating.

3. High-pressure water descaling technology. It is possible to greatly reduce the occurrence of defects such as rolling marks caused by the scale.

4. Adopt universal method hole design and computer to adjust the rail geometry on-line to ensure the rolling precision of the rail section. Long-length rolling, long-length cooling, reverse pre-bending and long-length straightening processes are used to increase the yield, reduce the pre-correction and reduce the post-correction stress, and improve the fatigue life of the rail.

 5. With on-line quality inspection technology, the internal, surface quality and geometric dimensions of the rail can be fully understood by ultrasonic, eddy current and laser inspection of the rail.

6. The machining and drilling of the rails with a sawing machine with a hard alloy can achieve high machining accuracy.

It can be seen from the above that the Mining Steel Rail manufacturers have such technology, and there is a need for the products of the rail manufacturers to come to our company to provide you with a professional rail business sales@yyrail.com.

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