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Rail On Coal Coke Car

Mar. 20, 2019 Share:

Here is China Standard Steel Rail talking about Rail on coal coke car. 

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We know that coal coke cars are mainly underground or above-ground coal coke mining. It is a product of rail manufacturers to provide a certain track for the pavement to transport these coal coke products out of the surface. It can be seen that the rails are used in coal mining. It is very long-term use, then the rail manufacturers must pay attention to safety measures when using, in order to reduce the problem.

Gb Standard Steel Rail

Then, what protective measures are there in the construction? All construction workers must carry out three levels of safety construction education before entering the factory. The construction personnel must abide by the rules and regulations of the construction unit. Construction workers must wear labor protection supplies when entering the factory. Wear a hard hat and good overalls. Construction personnel must not smoke on the scene, do not rush to work, and do not do things that are not related to work. On-site construction must be equipped with a full-time security officer, responsible for the overall safety of the site, and find problems in a timely manner. Construction personnel must obey the work arrangement on the site. In the case of cross-operation, it is necessary to unify the department, fast forward and fast, and must not affect normal production. Construction workers are not allowed to sit on rails during construction and never allow anything to be placed on the rails. Construction equipment should not be lifted over the top of the head to avoid touching the slip line and causing a safety accident. When welding and oxygen cutting, the welding machine should be grounded. The distance between oxygen and acetylene bottles should not be less than 7 meters.

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