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Rail Development Direction

Mar. 06, 2021 Share:

Here is the comprehensive conditions of Rail Suppliers in accordance with the characteristics of the abrasives industry and the current status of rail maintenance. At present, rail abrasives should develop and transform from three directions: new materials, new structures, and green environmental protection.

Light Rails

Light Rails

(1) New materials. Traditional rail grinding tools are generally based on resin heavy-duty grinding wheels. However, due to the short life, low efficiency, high pollution, and easy burns of this type of general grinding tools, it is difficult to meet the development needs. The development and use of new materials has become One of the development directions of rail grinding tool manufacturing industry. In terms of abrasives, the use of super-hard abrasives such as diamond and CBN has become a trend. How to reasonably add them to the rail grinding wheel so that it can increase the service life and grinding efficiency of the grinding wheel without destroying the overall strength of the grinding wheel. One of the research directions. In terms of bonding agents, traditional phenolic resin bonding agents have been gradually eliminated due to insufficient heat resistance and impact resistance. The development of modified new resin bonding agents will become the key to development; in addition, the use of various types of composite bonding agents will also become the development One of the directions. In terms of filling materials, because traditional fillers have the characteristics of high sulfur content and high pollution, and are likely to cause rail burns, the research and development of environmentally friendly phase change heat dissipation and grinding aid fillers will become the focus.

(2) New structure. On the basis of ensuring the rotation strength of the grinding wheel, the structure of the traditional grinding wheel is innovated, and the new materials are combined in a new structure to form a composite grinding wheel. The improvement and innovation of the traditional grinding wheel production process are another aspect of the development of the Rail grinding wheel. One direction.

(3) Green and environmental protection. With the proposal of the "13th Five-Year Plan", green environmental protection has become one of the basic requirements for railway maintenance. Since traditional abrasive tools emit a large amount of dust and toxic and harmful gases during the grinding operation of rails, the production technology of traditional abrasive tools is upgraded, and the production of environmentally friendly abrasive products with low dust and low pollution will become the development trend of the times.

To sum up, in recent years, my country's railway industry has achieved world-renowned achievements, and the rail maintenance industry has also made considerable progress and development. Rail maintenance methods have gradually changed from correction and polishing after rail defects are found to maintenance and polishing focusing on prevention and maintenance. The upgrade and diversification of grinding equipment has become a reality, and rail grinding technologies suitable for different road conditions, such as active grinding and passive grinding, have been put into use.

However, the current domestic grinding tools used in conjunction with rail grinding technology still rely heavily on foreign imports, and the domestic rail grinding and grinding tool manufacturing industry is facing difficulties in technological upgrading and industrial transformation. In this regard, we should proceed from the basic national conditions of China, based on the different maintenance characteristics of steel rails in various major sections of the country, and develop targeted independent grinding tools that are matched with grinding equipment and grinding technologies, and concentrate high-quality resources in industries such as production, learning, research and use. On the existing basis, in-depth theoretical research and technical research work have been carried out to break the technical blockade of foreign countries and comprehensively improve my country's high-speed railway rail grinding and independent maintenance capabilities.

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