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KP70 Crane rail and KP100 Crane rail exported to RUSSIA

Jun. 22, 2020 Share:

In 20th May 2020, 80 tons of KP70 rail and KP100 Crane rail were loaded on a truck and arrived at Manzhouli warehouse and handed over to our Russia client’s transporter. Like our old friends, We supplied the Crane rail to our Russia Client for more than six years. And our client visited our mill every year.


As china’s biggest manufacturer of steel rail, our main product includes, P8 steel rail, P12 steel rail, P15 steel rail, P18 steel rail, P22 steel rail, P24 steel rail, P30 steel rail, P38 steel rail, P43 steel rail, P50 steel rail, QU70 Crane rail, QU80 Crane rail, QU100 Crane rail, QU120 crane rail


As per Russia GOST Standard, Chineses Standard’s QU70, QU80, QU100 and QU120 crane rail is same as Russia’s KP70, KP80, KP100, KP120 crane rail.


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