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Knowledge Of Heavy Rail

Jul. 06, 2020 Share:

The role of Heavy Rails is to directly bear the weight of the train and the load transmitted by the wheels, and guide the direction of the train. Such a huge pressure first fell on the shoulders of the railroad tracks. It can be seen that the steel rail must have sufficient strength, stability and wear resistance.

The type and strength of rails are expressed in kilograms per meter. The heavier the mass of each meter of rail, the greater the load it bears. The rail weight of the world's first railway was 18 kg/m, and the heaviest rail in the United States was 77 kg/m. Generally speaking, in order to improve the passing capacity of the line, the railway industry is gradually phasing out small-weight rails, and the main lines are generally laid with heavy-duty rails of 60 kg/m or 75 kg/m.

The rails of high-speed railways, high-speed trains and most trains are made of high-manganese steel. High manganese steel is hard and very wear-resistant. Even if rails are replaced by rust and wear, they are good materials for other industries. The high-speed rail of the high-speed rail requires workers to cut and then perform new welding. The replaced rail can be sawed again to make guardrails, fasteners, etc. , Back to the railway.

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30Kg Light Steel Rail

30Kg Light Steel Rail

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