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Do You Know The Railway Fish Plate?

Jul. 13, 2020 Share:

Rail splint connecting plate, commonly known as fish plate, plays a role in connecting rail joints. The rail splint is a fastener used to connect the rail to the rail. Generally speaking, it consists of a splint and matching fishtail bolts. It plays the role of connecting rails, facilitating subsequent disassembly and reuse, and also has the function of direct welding without connecting plates.

The Rail Fish plate is also commonly referred to as a splint. The fish plate is a connecting fastener used to connect the track and the track. It is divided into light rail, heavy rail and lifting rail.

The middle of the screw hole is provided with a screw hole, and the upper and lower sides of the horizontal axis of the screw hole are provided with an upper working surface contacting the lower part of the rail head and a lower working surface contacting the upper part of the rail bottom. The rear of the upper working surface extends upward to form a transition section higher than the rail surface. The transition section forms a middle arch with lower height at both ends along the length of the fishplate.

The bridge-shaped fish plate has a simple structure, which can reduce the impact of wheels on the rail joint, increase the continuity of the longitudinal deformation of the rail at the joint, and improve the smoothness of the train when passing through.

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30Kg Light Steel Rail

30Kg Light Steel Rail

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