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Hebei Yongyang Special Steel Group Held 2019 Work Summary and Commendation Conference

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发布时间:2020/1/16 15:07:31

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Release time: 15:07:31, 1/16/2020

Unite and work hard

Write a magnificent chapter of Yongyang's leapfrog development

——Hebei Yongyang Special Steel Group Held 2019 Work Summary and Commendation Conference

On January 16, our group held a grand work summary and commendation meeting for 2019. Chairman Du Qingshen and General Manager Du Xiaofang respectively awarded banners, medals, certificates and bonuses to the honored advanced collectives, model workers, good wives and mothers and good daughter-in-law, summarized the work in 2019, and made requirements and arrangements for the work in 2020.

Du Qingshen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stressed that in the new year, all units should strengthen their security lines, consolidate environmental protection achievements, increase quality research, do a good job in sales services, and do a good job in system management and project construction. The management cadres should further improve their quality, care about the employees, be loyal to the enterprise, work in unity, and be the leaders with strong sense of responsibility, clear thinking and right decision-making. Yongyang Company will continue to strengthen various measures to benefit the people, provide more help to our parents and fellow villagers, and make more contributions to the society.

General Manager Du Xiaofang summarized the work in 2019 around seven aspects, including "focusing on overall coordination, market service, safety and environmental protection, cost reduction and quality improvement, project progress, and public welfare", and analyzed the shortcomings of the enterprise in scientific and technological innovation, talent training, detail management, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and quality improvement. In the new year, all cadres and employees are required to closely focus on the decision-making and deployment of the Board of Directors, and focus on the key tasks of "ensuring safety, focusing on environmental protection, improving quality, reducing costs, and stabilizing operation", comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management, strengthen the implementation of work, gather strength, and work hard to create a new situation of high-quality green development, and strive to build an industry benchmark in an all-round way.

Yang Bin, assistant general manager, read out the Decision on Commending Advanced Collectives and Individuals in 2019, and made specific arrangements for "production, safety, environmental protection, technological innovation, cost reduction and efficiency increase" in 2020.

Sun Xiuying, the deputy general manager, summarized the sales situation in 2019, analyzed the severe situation faced by the current steel market, and said that he would go all out to achieve the business goal of balancing production and sales in 2020.

Du Guangping, secretary of the Party branch of Duliu Gucun, read out the list of people in need in Duliu Gucun in 2019, and thanked Yongyang for its good deeds.

Xie Jianjun, the director of the steel rolling plant, and Zhang Yanjie, the production section chief of the iron smelting plant, the advanced collective, on behalf of the steel rolling plant and the labor model, made statements, saying that they would give full play to the role of model and lead, and continue to contribute to the development of the company based on their posts.

After the summary and commendation meeting, Du Liugu Village cadres organized staff to beat the gong and drum to send the commended model workers, good wives and mothers and good daughter-in-law home for good news.








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