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Wheel Fatigue Test

Mar. 28, 2019 Share:

Here is Crane Rail China Manufacturer talking about Wheel Fatigue Test. 

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Crane Rail China Manufacturer

For the fatigue test of the wheel, there are currently two domestic test methods. 

The first type is a fatigue test of a single wheel using a structural fatigue test rig, which is placed flat on the test rig with the rim side facing up and the outer rim supported by two points, applying a pulsating load on the inner hub end face. This method is simple and easy, except that the wheel has a large difference between the force state and the actual application.

The second method is to use the entire wheel pair on the wheelset test bench. The track wheel of the test bench drives the test wheel pair to rotate, and the vertical load is applied to the axle journal, but the lateral load is difficult to apply. The inadequacies of this test method are also difficult to apply to higher values even for vertical loads due to the bearing life and load carrying capacity of the test bench.

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