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What is Spring Flat Steel?

Aug. 10, 2022 Share:

Spring flat steel is a special kind of steel, you may still be familiar with it, but the basic knowledge of spring flat steel may not know much, Yongyang below to introduce what is spring flat steel, what is the use of spring flat steel.


What is spring flat steel?


Steel plate spring, which is a combination of a number of pieces of equal width but not equal length (thickness can be equal, but also unequal) of alloy spring sheet into an elastic beam of approximately equal strength, it is also known as a leaf spring. In order to make full use of the material, the steel plate spring is made close to the form of a stress beam. The steel plate spring is an elastic element widely used in automobile suspension.


There are two types of steel plate springs, one with equal thickness and a width that is narrow at both ends and wide in the middle. The traditional multi-piece iterative steel plate spring is this type, this steel plate spring is made of multiple pieces of steel of unequal length and the same width, and now the majority of buses and trucks use this steel plate spring. The other is equal in width, and the thickness is thin at both ends and thick in the middle. Now common less sheet steel springs is this type, less sheet steel springs refers to only 1 to 4 pieces of variable cross-section steel springs, variable cross-section steel springs are thicker in the center along the length of the steel plate to the ends gradually thinner, or the width and thickness of the sheet are gradually changing steel springs. Mostly used in light vehicles, now some large and medium-sized buses also tend to use this type of steel springs.


The use of spring flat steel


The middle of the steel plate spring is fixed to the axle by U-bolts (also known as riding bolts), and the coil lugs at both ends are hinged to the bracket of the frame with pins. In this way, the axle and the body are connected by the steel plate spring, which plays the role of cushioning, vibration damping and force transmission. The number of steel plates is related to the weight of the supporting car and the damping effect, and the more thick and shorter the steel plates are, the greater the rigidity of the spring. However, when the steel plate spring is deflected, the sheets will slide and rub against each other to produce noise. The friction also causes deformation of the spring, resulting in uneven driving. Therefore, the load capacity of the car is not very large, there are fewer pieces of steel plate springs to eliminate the defects of multiple pieces of steel plate springs.


Some of the steel plate springs with only one piece of steel plate springs, it is compared with multiple steel plate springs in addition to reducing noise and not friction, but also save material, reduce weight, easy to arrange, reduce the height of the car, with good smoothness. The steel plate cross-section of a few pieces of steel springs varies greatly, and the cross-section from the middle to the ends is gradually different, so the rolling process is more complicated.


What is Spring Flat Steel?

Automotive spring flat steel production process


1. flat steel with a converter, mainly using iron as raw material, less harmful elements in the iron, the production of flat steel quality is guaranteed.


2. Due to the high yield and low power consumption, the cost per ton is lower than the electric furnace.


3. The steel is directly cast into small billets, which omits the opening process and reduces the cost.


4. The high setting rate of continuous casting small square billets can guarantee the setting rate of flat steel and meet the demand of users.


 What is Spring Flat Steel?

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