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What Is A Narrow Gauge?

Jan. 24, 2019 Share:

Here is Heavy Steel Rail Manufacturer talking about Steel Rail. 

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Narrow indicators refer to rails with an indicator of less than 1435 mm (standard rail diameter ) between 2 rails, including meter rails and inch rails, and have at least 13 dimensions, the most common of which can be 1067 mm and 762 mm.

The meter trail is an inter-regional railway, such as the ancient Fujian-Vietnam Railway and the Yunnan-Burma Railway.

The inch track is normally a self-supplied cargo railroad in the mine. The ordinary people call it a small railing. Before the reform and opening up in China, several mines had 762mm small railways, and there are still a few.

The main advantage:

(1) The laying cost is small.

(2) The radius of curvature is small.

(3) The weight of the carriage is light, and the traction of the locomotive does not need to be too large.

(4) Can be used for larger route grades.

The inch track can satisfy with the cargo demand of dozens of miles from the general big mine, which is a lot bigger than the loudness of the car, and there is not much more to use the massive truck.

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