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Narrow Gauge Application

Jan. 28, 2019 Share:

Here is China Standard Steel Rail talking about Steel Rail.

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China's rice-rail railways are comparatively small, and there are lots of inch railings. They are normally self-supplied cargo railways in mines. The people today call them little railways. Before the reform and opening up in China, many mines had 762mm little railways. Here are a Few of the scenarios:

Sichuan Qianwei County Coal Transportation Railway


At Qianwei County, Sichuan Province, an old-fashioned narrow-gauge steam locomotive called the"18th Century Industrial Revolution Living Rock" remains in operation. The Jiayang train belongs to the old-fashioned narrow-gauge steam locomotive. It had been created in Shijiazhuang in the 1950s and has been operating for almost half a century in Qianwei County.

In 1958, so as to fix the problem of coal transportation problems, Jiayang Coal Mine (predecessor of Sichuan Jiayang Group) assembled the Bajiagou-Shixi Railway with an entire length of 19.84 km and was officially opened to visitors on July 12, 1959. Because it has an estimate of 762 mm, which is half of the standard train gauge, it's also known as the"inch monitor" train. At the beginning of the launching of the train, the small trains were mixed with passengers and cargoes, mainly carrying coal and transporting individuals. In the early 1960s, passengers and freight were packaged, and also just two or three passenger automobiles were attached to every coal car. Since 1978, small trains have been utilized. The goods were split and operate at a rate of 6 baht per day. From the early 1990s, after the coal in the old mining area of Bajiaogou was completed, the little train was shifted to full passenger transport. At present, it's become the life line of the mining area, which can be transported 4 miles a day out the mountains. Employees, family and local villagers. At the moment, a high number of domestic and foreign steam locomotive enthusiasts visit here annually. On April 18, 2006, the authorities of Leshan City, Sichuan Province recorded it as a commercial legacy for protection.

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