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Processing Procedures And Requirements For Rail Breakage

Sep. 21, 2020 Share:

1. Emergency treatment

After the line work area receives the information that the Rail is broken or the red light band appears in the track circuit, first arrange for personnel to bring the walkie-talkie to the station to find the position of the red light band. At the same time, bring walkie-talkies, short-circuit copper wires, first aid equipment and splints to the scene for emergency reinforcement, eliminate the red light band of the track circuit, and open the line as soon as possible. In the event of severe rail breaks that cannot be used to reinforce the line, spare short rails or standard rails should be transported to the site immediately, and preparations for sawing and drilling of rails should be made to avoid delays in waiting for repair vehicles.

2. Temporary treatment

(1) After receiving the rail breaking information, the workshop should quickly gather personnel, debug the generator, prepare the equipment and materials, and set off; after receiving the rail breaking information, the technical department of the public works section should rush to the site in time with relevant technical information: The on-site commander keeps in touch at any time to confirm that the emergency repair vehicle passes and arrives at the location. A special person must be assigned to guide the emergency repair vehicle and transport the emergency repair equipment to the site in time.

Light Steel Rail

Light Steel Rail

(2) According to the Light Steel Rail breakage, insert the spare short rail first, release the train, and then contact the dispatcher to replace the short rail with a length of not less than 6m with the skylight for temporary treatment. In the track circuit section, short-circuit copper wires are used to eliminate the red light band of the track circuit before the electric service arrives, and then the wires are installed.

(3) After the electrified railway repair personnel arrive at the scene, they must first wear insulated shoes and insulated gloves, connect the two ends of the broken Steel Rail with a copper wire of 2m long, and then perform emergency or temporary treatment depending on the specific situation of the broken rail. Note that when connecting copper wires, the bottom of the rails at the two connection points should be polished with sandpaper to remove rust.

In order to ensure the personal safety of emergency repair personnel, it is required to check the leakage of insulating gloves. The simple inspection method is: compress the cuff of the insulated glove and curl it to the palm of the glove to check the fingers and palm for air leakage.

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