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How To Operate The Electronic Gauge?

Feb. 15, 2023 Share:

Today we China Crane Rail Manufacturer come to summarize How to operate the electronic gauge.

The digital display gauge should be calibrated on the calibrator before use. After calibration, it must be calibrated. This product comes with a calibration function, and the calibration process does not require external equipment.

How To Operate The Electronic Gauge?

When using it in the field, press and hold the OK button for 3 seconds to turn it on. Then, pull the drive grip, place the two ends of the digital gauge on the rail, place the side head in the rail, and release the handle. At this time, the first line of the display shows the current gauge value. The second line shows the current super high value. If you want to measure the inspection and back, you can press the left or right button to switch. No complicated button operation, simple operation, convenient use, fast measurement speed, and safe and reliable. The digital display gauge has a power saving function. If the 5-minute displacement sensor has no movement, the power saving state is entered; in the power saving state, if the displacement sensor moves, the measurement state is restored; if the displacement is not moved for 10 minutes, The gauge automatically shuts down.

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