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What Are The General Technical Conditions For Railway Gauges?

Apr. 10, 2019 Share:

Here is Crane Rail China Manufacturer talking about What are the general technical conditions for railway gauges.

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Crane Rail China Manufacturer

1. Increased the digital display class foot size and related technical requirements and inspection requirements;

2. The gauge is divided into three grades according to its accuracy, and the repeatability requirement of the indication is increased. The way of giving the horizontal technical index is changed from the angle value to the line value;

3. Increased environmental conditions test requirements such as high temperature, low temperature, constant damp heat, electromagnetic compatibility, drop and water test;

4. Delete the requirements for the width of the probe and the corresponding inspection to increase the requirements for the shape of the probe:

5. Adjusted the measurement range of gauge and level;

6. The track gauge increases the indication repeatability requirement, and the gauge inspection method and inspection equipment are adjusted accordingly;

7. The model specification has been deleted;

8. Added the term “super high U-turn error”, deleting the terms “track gauge traverse surface”, “allowable deviation of gauge zero level correctness” and “super high indication error”;

9. Refine the inspection method and introduce additional corrections for the ultra-high indication error test of the 0 and 1 gauge gauges;

10. Added the normative appendix “Technical Requirements for Gauge Ruler”.

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