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How to Prevent Corrosion of Screw Spikes

Aug. 05, 2021 Share:

A rail spike is a fastener for a guide rail that connects a rail pad, sleeper or rail pad to a sleeper. Railway spike is a kind of spike used for fixing steel rails and prestressed concrete sleepers. It is usually used in conjunction with a plastic rail sleeve which is fixed to a reserved hole in the concrete sleeper by means of a sulfur anchor. Upper bolts are used to hold parts (such as rail clamps, elastic clamps, etc.). China steel crane rail manufacturer shares with you:

Material used for screws

In China, the most common screw spike material is Q235A steel. Q235A steel is ordinary carbon steel. To be precise, Q is the yield limit of steel; 235 means that the yield value of the material is 235 mpa. Q235A steel has good toughness and flexibility, and has a certain elongation, so it has good weldability and thermal workability. Q235A steel is generally used in the hot rolled state. Here A stands for no impact ductility test requirements. We have high quality rail spikes.

How to Prevent Corrosion of Screw Spikes

How to prevent corrosion of screws?

Spike is one of the important railway accessories. Due to long-term exposure to the air, faced with long-term erosion of wastewater such as rainwater and relatively harsh environment, corrosion problems are easy to occur after long-term use. So, what can we do to avoid corrosion problems? Here, we, as professional tacks manufacturers, are introducing antiseptic methods.

Use sulfur-free anchoring material

At present, sulfur anchoring agent is widely used as the main anchoring material of screw spike in China. Sulfur anchoring agent is easy to operate, but the sulfur anchoring agent contains HS, S2, SO2 and so on, which will cause chemical changes of acid when combined with water and cause serious corrosion of screw. In contrast, we need better materials, i.e. ingredients that are environmentally friendly. If 525 white Portland cement hydraulic hardening material is used as anchoring material, emery aggregate is used as a new water-soluble anchoring agent, and a certain amount of anti-rust agent is added.

Long-term antiseptic grease

Screw spikes work in cold, wind, rain, and high temperature environments. They are also affected by axial vibration and radial torque. Therefore, ordinary anticorrosive grease can not meet the needs, must add anticorrosive, solid, antioxidant and metal passivating agent, antirust agent, to improve the anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance of grease, make it adapt to different requirements. Protection.

Specification of anchoring techniques

When using sulfur-free anchoring agent, screw spikes should be installed on the anchor frame as required to ensure accurate positioning of the spikes. Also clean the nail holes when anchoring and pour in enough solution, neither too much nor too little. The anchor truncated cone of the screw spike shall be 0-2mm above the surface of the concrete sleeper (if an elastic clip is used) and the holes shall be filled. When the anchoring liquid enters the solidified state, the overflow anchoring agent should be cleaned so as not to be uneven and easy to cause water retention and corrosion.

The maintenance of screw spike anticorrosion is determined by material selection and installation. All these help to lay the foundation for the normal use of screw spike. Follow YONGYANG for more high quality railway products.


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