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How Should We Judge The Quality Of Angle Steel?

Aug. 31, 2020 Share:

Angle steel is often used for the establishment of metal members, connectors and foundation frame structures, and has good plastic deformation properties. The range of use is also very wide. Many people want to know how to distinguish the quality of angle steel when buying it. Angle Bar Supplier will briefly introduce it to everyone.


Angle steel is mainly divided into two types: equilateral angle steel and unequal angle steel. Among them, unequal angle steel can be divided into two types: unequal width and unequal thickness. The specifications of the angle steel are indicated by the side length and side dimensions. At present, the specifications of domestic angle steel are 2-20, and the number of centimeters on the side is the number. The same angle steel usually has 2-7 different side thicknesses. The imported angle steel indicates the actual size and thickness of both sides, and indicates the relevant standards. Generally, a large angle steel having a side length of 12.5 cm or more is a medium angle steel between 12.5 cm and 5 cm, and a small angle steel having a side length of 5 cm or less. The order of import and export angle steel is generally based on the specifications required for use, and the steel number is the corresponding number of carbon steel. Except for the specification number, angle steels have no specific composition and performance series.


The conveying length of angle steel is divided into two sizes: fixed length, and the fixed length of domestic angle steel ranges from 3 to 9m, 4-12m, 4-19m, 6-19m. The length of Japanese angle steel is selected from 6 to 15 meters.


The section height of the unequal angle steel is calculated as the long side width of the unequal angle steel. Refers to steel with an inclined cross section and varying lengths on both sides. This is one of the angles. Its side length is 25mmx16mm to 200mmxl25mm. It is rolled by a hot rolling mill. Unequal angle steel is widely used in various metal structures, bridges, machinery manufacturing and shipbuilding, various building structures and engineering structures, such as room beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, containers Racks, warehouses, etc.

 Light Steel Rail

Light Steel Rail

So how does angle steel distinguish good from bad?


The Angle Bar manufacturer recommends that you can combine the basic appearance of the appearance. Since it is made of metal and steel, and has a galvanized process, the appearance is perfect and no defects are the basic conditions for high quality. , Or when choosing this product from the market, you may wish to pay attention to the completeness of the corresponding appearance.

In addition, when we choose or buy angle steel, we must combine the corresponding perspective. Xiaobian here tells you that the angle steel has more or less certain angles, such as the top angle, or the angle of the side thickness, etc. If these angles do not meet our needs, or do not meet the needs of the project, or There are defects and unreasonable conditions, then it must be inferior and it will be troublesome to use. Therefore, angle is also the main factor for judging its pros and cons.


The above are some methods summarized by Steel Crane Rail Manufacturer for you to judge the quality of angle steel. I hope everyone can pay attention to the above points when purchasing angle steel.



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