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How to Effectively Reduce Rail Damage?

Jun. 19, 2021 Share:

Steel rail use frequently, damage is inevitable. If you want to reduce Rail damage, you must take corresponding measures in a timely manner, for various situations to take the appropriate treatment measures, as follows.

1. the most effective way to nuclear damage of steel rail is to control the cooling of steel material, to avoid small cracks caused by the escape of hydrogen inside the rail, to fundamentally eliminate the fatigue source that causes nuclear damage. Despite the various preventive measures, the nuclear damage of new rails cannot be absolutely avoided. In order to ensure the safety of traffic, rail flaw detection must be carried out regularly in order to eliminate hidden problems in time and avoid major traffic accidents.

2. as a solution to the problem, can be in the side of the bend rail oiling, or in the small radius of the bend on the laying of special alloy rail with high wear resistance.

Steel Rail

Steel Rail

3. in order to reduce the wear of the curved rail, the main measure is to improve the design of the bogie of the rolling stock, improve the interaction conditions between the wheels and rails, reduce the friction between them.

4. To frequently check the rails, find the situation at any time to take measures to eliminate hidden problems.

The role of the rails is to guide the wheels of the vehicle forward and withstand the tremendous pressure of the wheels. The rails must provide a continuous, smooth and minimal rolling surface for the wheels. Steel rails often wear during use, so how to reduce contact fatigue damage to the rails? Steel Rail Suppliers take you to understand the contact fatigue damage of steel rails

Steel rail contact fatigue damage can be roughly divided into three stages.

1. The change of the shape of the rail tread, the irregularity of the rail tread, the wear of the saddle at the weld will increase the impact of the wheel on the rail.

2. The contact fatigue of the rail joint is caused by the insufficient metal contact fatigue strength. When the maximum shear stress point exceeds the shear yield limit, the point will become a plastic region.

3. The damage of the rail surface metal, due to the cold hardening of the metal, the hardness of the rail head working surface will be increasing. When the total mass is 150~200mt, micro cracks will be formed on the rail head surface. Control the shape of debris. Using hardened rails, developing high quality heavy rails, reforming old rail reuse system, using rails rationally and classifying rails according to their materials can mitigate contact fatigue damage.

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