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Axle Strength And Heat Load Test

Mar. 26, 2019 Share:

Here is Crane Rail China Manufacturer talking about Axle strength and heat load test. 

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Axle strength and heat load test. At present, there is no physical axle strength test specification for Chinese railways. All relevant units can only use different methods to test and test locomotive and vehicle axle components according to their respective needs, and according to their respective tests. Objective To determine the response load conditions and assessment criteria, and summarize the following tests.

Static strength test under axle mechanical load:

(1) Test purpose and test content. The stress of the wheel web and the axle parts under the mechanical load is tested to check the static strength of the axle.

(2) Test methods and test conditions. Usually, the axles are composed of real wheel pairs, and the test is carried out by electric measurement. There are two kinds of test conditions:

a. Vertical load conditions: a separate vertical load acts on the journal;

b. Synthetic load conditions: Vertical loads and lateral loads act simultaneously. The lateral load acts on the outside of the rim or rim (acting on the rim or rim depends on the test rig type, has little effect on the result), for the convenience of loading, the vertical load and the lateral load can be separately applied and tested, and then the results are superimposed. The lateral load can also be applied to the inside of the rim in the opposite direction. When the stress is combined, the result of the lateral load is multiplied by -1 and then superimposed.

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