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Yongyang Company Holds 2022 Safety (Fire Protection) Responsibility Signing Conference

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发布时间:2022/1/4 12:07:34





Yongyang Company Holds 2022 Safety (Fire Protection) Responsibility Signing Conference

Release time: 12:07:34, 2022/1/4

On January 4, 2022, our group company held the 2022 safety (fire protection) responsibility letter signing meeting. Du Xiaofang, the general manager, signed a letter of responsibility for safety (fire protection) in 2022 with all branches and departments.

Du Xiaofang, the general manager, stressed that the safety (fire protection) responsibility statement should be continuously improved according to the national policy requirements. All branches and departments must fully understand the significance of signing the letter of responsibility for safety (fire protection). The letter of responsibility is not a piece of paper, but a responsibility. You must have a correct and positive attitude, turn pressure into power, promote work and complete work tasks.

All branches and departments should seriously summarize and reflect on the shortcomings of safety work in 2021, especially the accident summary. The unit that has an accident must learn from it and never have another accident. Units that do not have accidents should learn lessons, draw inferences from one instance and rectify in place. In 2022, safety work should have plans, methods and measures, formulate systems, implement requirements, lay a solid foundation and improve management level. The safety officer must summarize the deficiencies, strengthen learning, improve quality, and timely and accurately handle the problems found.

In 2022, all branches and departments must improve their safety awareness, strengthen safety management, and work together to ensure no accidents throughout the year.





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