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心系员工苦 苹果传深情

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Release time: 15:55:32, November 1, 2022

In the golden autumn, Yongyang New Area is famous all over the mountain, with fragrant fruits and melons. The employees of the company like to carry a full box of "apples and apples" after they have just harvested a basket full of "tomatoes and persimmons".

At the time of the harvest of Xingtai's berry apples, Chairman Du Qingshen thought that not everyone of the company's hardworking and busy employees would have the opportunity to eat such good apples. He spent more than 300000 yuan to buy 5000 boxes of berry apples, and distributed one box to each employee in each branch, department and sector of the group company, so that everyone could taste the "King of Fresh Fruits in Taihang, China". Although the matter is small, it shows that the chairman always cares about the employees, cares about their hardship and cares for them. Apple means peace, which also expresses the Chairman's deep wishes for the safety and health of all employees.

The first way to run an enterprise is to support employees. Since the establishment of the factory, Yongyang Company has always insisted on putting the interests of employees first, paying close attention to production safety, constantly improving the income and welfare of employees, being responsible for their lives and property, and their family happiness. The chairman of the board of directors often said that employees are required to take the factory as their home. The enterprise should first be like a home and care for everyone in the family. The development of the company can not be separated from the unknown efforts of the employees, who stick to the ordinary posts, but are the most worthy heroes.

In recent years, Yongyang Company has continuously strengthened safety management, implemented safety responsibilities, strengthened hidden danger investigation, innovatively carried out new safety management activities in the form of "family help", "a letter of home", "family members' entry day", and built a red line for safety development. Security is happiness. Behind security are families, and there are old people and young people with small responsibilities. Yongyang Company will increase the investment in safety facilities at all costs, improve the system, standardize the management, and strictly enforce the requirements. It will educate each employee to realize their importance, recognize the importance of safety, consciously improve the safety awareness, abide by the safety system, and implement the safety work. Strengthen the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers, eliminate accidents, and ensure that every employee goes to work happily and goes home safely.

The leaders of the company are full of employees and try their best to serve them well. They have mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees for production. The enterprise cares for its employees, and the employees love the enterprise. They are all in good spirits and are full of enthusiasm, which has promoted the overall development and progress of the enterprise and its employees. The province and city once held the "Live Meeting of Caring for Migrant Workers" in Yongyang Company. Yongyang Company was rated as the "Top Ten Enterprises of Caring for Migrant Workers in Hebei Province", and the chairman Du Qingshen was rated as the "National Excellent Entrepreneur of Caring for Employees".





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