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  • 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel
  • 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel
  • 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel
  • 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel
  • 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel
Product Name:

29 U Mining Arch Support Steel

Material:  20Mnk


Length:  8-12m

Standard: GB/T4697-2008


Product Parameters

29 U Mining Arch Support Steel is a high-quality product designed and manufactured by YONGYANG Company. Engineered to provide exceptional strength and stability, this arch support steel is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of underground mining operations.




29 U Mining Arch Support Steel

Key Features and Benefits:

●Superior Strength: The 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel is constructed using premium-grade materials, ensuring excellent strength and durability. It offers reliable support to underground mine structures, safeguarding the safety of miners and equipment.

●Stability and Safety: With its robust design and precise engineering, the arch support steel provides enhanced stability to mining tunnels, preventing collapses and ensuring a secure working environment. It meets strict safety standards, prioritizing the well-being of mining personnel.

●Easy Installation: The 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel is designed for easy and efficient installation in mining operations. Its standardized dimensions and user-friendly features enable quick and hassle-free assembly, saving valuable time and labor costs.

●Versatile Applications: This arch support steel is suitable for various mining applications, including coal mines, metal mines, and other underground mining operations. It effectively reinforces mine structures, providing long-lasting support and stability.

●Customizable Options: YONGYANG Company offers customizable options for the 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel, allowing customers to tailor the product to their specific project requirements. Customization options may include length, shape, and surface treatment. Start customizing.

●High-Quality Manufacturing: YONGYANG Company is renowned for its commitment to quality. The 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel is manufactured using advanced production techniques and undergoes rigorous quality control measures, ensuring consistent excellence and reliability.

●Expert Support: With YONGYANG Company, you can rely on a dedicated team of professionals who provide expert support throughout your project. From initial consultation to after-sales service, we are committed to meeting your specific needs and ensuring your satisfaction.

Main application:

U-shaped Arch steel support are mainly used for mine road support and steel structure project.

Withstand high pressure, support long time, easy to install and easy to deformation. Arch steel support lift straight wall semi-arched shed in the Ready Roadway Intersection of applications, and achieved remarkable results. Optional retractable U-shaped steel bracket, solves the problem of tunneling support. U-shaped steel bracket than other rigid support with a scalable and reliable carrying capacity to adapt to the load and deformation of soft rock, cross utilization is high, easy to stand back support small work of maintenance, support recovery reuse rate, reducing the pit wood used, environmental benefits are clear.

Invest in the superior strength and stability of the 29 U Mining Arch Support Steel from YONGYANG Company. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, explore customization options, and experience our high-quality product that is tailored to the challenges of underground mining operations.

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