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Why do some rails have stones and others do not?

Jul. 17, 2021 Share:

We have all seen stones laid beside some rails. Why do some rails have stones but not others? What's the difference?


Have you ever paid attention to the rails while waiting on the platform? Careful people will find that there are many stones on the rail of the green leather train, but there is no stones on the rail of the high-speed train. Are you wondering why there is such a difference? What is the function of these stones?As a manufacturer of steel rails, I am willing to answer for you.


What Kind of Rails Need to be Laid With Stones?


The underside of the high-speed rail track is clean, and the train is the ordinary railroad track covered with a lot of stones. To say that the biggest difference is the difference in rails. Although the trains are somewhat similar, in fact, there are essential differences between ordinary railways and high-speed railways.


What are the Differences between these Two Rails?


High-speed rail tracks do not have stones, while ordinary rail tracks have stones. In fact, this is still a technical difference.


Because the rails used by the two are different, the high-speed rail uses a ballastless track, while the ordinary railway uses a ballasted track.


The most obvious feature of a ballasted track is that there are many stones on the rail. On the contrary, the ballastless track is that no stone can be seen on the rail and it is clean.


rails without stones

The Function of Stones on the Rail


First of all, the function of stones is to bear the weight of sleepers, rails and trains. After receiving the pressure from the sleeper, the pressure can be dispersed and the vibration generated can be dispersed. In this way, the roadbed can be protected to avoid damage to the roadbed.


And this is only a small part of the role of stones. It can also provide good drainage performance. Exclude rainwater near the sleepers to avoid deformation of the roadbed soil due to softening with water. Thereby improving safety.


Laying stones can increase the elasticity of the track. After the rail is crushed by the train, it quickly restores to its original position.


It can also prevent the weeds from growing out of the rails.


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