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What Criteria Should I Base When Buying Railroad Steel

May. 10, 2022 Share:

Railroad track is an important part of railroad construction and transportation. The function of the rail is to guide the wheels of the rolling stock forward, to withstand the tremendous pressure of the wheels, and to transmit it to the rail sleepers. To ensure the safety and speed of trains, the purchase of railroad track needs to be carefully considered at all times. Especially when you are a new buyer, you may have some confusion, such as what kind of rail should I buy? Which manufacturer to choose? Let's discuss these items one by one.

Different application areas

Railway rails have quite a wide range of application areas, such as high speed railroads, general railroads, heavy duty rails, gantries, etc. The rails used in these areas are different from each other. The main material of high speed rail is U75V, UIC700, UIC900A/1100, U71Mn. The strength of high speed rail reaches 800-880Mpa, which is extremely tough and sturdy. Heavy-duty rails mainly use rails with increased hardness to improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of rolling contact. High strength rails can achieve higher load carrying capacity and longer service life. Ordinary railroads use relatively light weight rails. Lifting rails are exclusively used for gantries in ports and terminals.

What Criteria Should I Base When Buying Railroad Steel

Railroad standards

A wide variety of rails are available worldwide. Different rail standards meet different domestic requirements.

Typical rails of European standard: 60E1, 55E1, 54E1, 50E1, 49E1, 50E2, 49E2, 54E3, 50E4, 50E5, 50E6. A45, A55, A65, A75, A100, A120, A150. 

Typical rails of Japanese industrial standards: JIS 22kg rail, JIS 30kg rail, JIS37A rail, JIS50n rail, CR73 rail, CR100 rail

Typical rails from Australian standards: 31 kg/m, 41 kg/m, 50 kg/m, 60 kg/m, 68 kg/m

Typical rails from American Society of Civil Engineers standards: ASCE25 rail, ASCE30 rail, ASCE40 rail, ASCE50 rail, ASCE60 rail, ASCE75 rail, ASCE85 rail

What Criteria Should I Base When Buying Railroad Steel

Rail weight

The weight of the rail determines to some extent the strength of the rail. The axle weight and speed of the train are also affected. Depending on the weight per yard/meter, rails are specified in different sizes. As a rule, the heavier a railroad track is, the heavier the load carrying capacity it obtains. Therefore, the weight of the rail is the most important factor to keep in mind when purchasing railroad tracks.

Professional suppliers

Once the need for rail is determined, the most important thing is to choose a reliable rail manufacturer. Because railroad track is not an ordinary product, it requires absolute quality control. A trustworthy company has usually passed the authoritative certification. The product quality is more assured and the service is more professional. YONGYANG is the biggest steel rail manufacturer and supplier in china, the annual production capacity of our factory is 2200000 tons section steel. Our products are widely used in railroad, seaport, mining industry and tunneling industry.etc. We offer the best service we can do.

What Criteria Should I Base When Buying Railroad Steel

Check the quality of rails

Qualified finished products should be free of cracks, scars, scratches and other defects. The degree of defects allowed on the overall surface of the rail and its geometry shall not exceed the standard provisions. High quality rails are evenly composed with high tonnage of cold shears. Therefore the finished cut surface is smooth and neat, no shrinkage and lamination. On the contrary, poor quality products are uneven or unclean due to their material impurities, even broken.

Ordinary steel rails should be straight after rolling, without obvious bending or twisting. The local bending and twisting of the rail and its corrective deformation as well as the inclination of the rail end face should not exceed the standard provisions.

What Criteria Should I Base When Buying Railroad Steel

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