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Track Inspection

Apr. 17, 2019 Share:

Here is China Steel Crane Rail Manufacturer talking about Track inspection.

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China Steel Crane Rail Manufacturer

The gauge is also called the ruler. There are two types of gauges: universal road ruler and spiral road ruler.

The universal road ruler can directly read the horizontal value through the horizontal bubble after the road ruler is placed, and the spiral path ruler is to adjust the spiral ruler to center the horizontal bubble and then read the ruler disk after the road ruler is placed. The value is obtained.

Before measuring, first, make sure that the gauge is qualified and whether it is maintained within the validity period. The gauge distance does not change too much under normal conditions.

Whether the proofreading level should be correct before use. Use the gauge to read the level value of the specified position, then change the ruler and read the level value. 

When measuring straight sections, it is relatively simple. One foot is measured every 6.25 meters. The 25-meter rail is divided into four parts: joint, small waist, middle and big waist. At 12.5 meters, two points are measured.

When measuring the curve section, you should pay attention to the gauge widening and super high.

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