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The Classification Of Rail

Oct. 22, 2018 Share:

Chinese rails can be divided into crane rail, heavy steel rail and light steel rail in kilograms per square meter.

1. The crane rail is divided into four types: QU120, QU100, QU80, QU70. The material is generally manganese steel. The single weight is QU120 up to 118kg/m.

2. Heavy steel rail. According to the steel used, the steel can be divided into ordinary manganese-containing rails, copper-containing carbon steel rails, high-silicon copper-containing steel rails, copper rails, manganese rails, silicon rails, etc. There are three main types: 38kg, 43kg and 50kg. In addition, there are 45kg rails for a few lines, and 60kg rails are planned for use on lines with high traffic and high speed.

3. Light steel rail. There are mainly different rail types such as 9kg/m, 12kg/m, 15kg/m, 22kg/m, 30kg/m.

Each country in the world has its own standards for the production of rails, and the classification methods are also different.

Such as British standard: BS series (with 90A, 80A, 75A, 75R, 60A, etc.)

German standard: DIN series crane rails.

International railway union: UIC series.

American standard: ASCE series.

Japanese standard: JIS series.

Heavy Steel Rail

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