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What Are The Standards For Long Rail Welding?

Sep. 29, 2019 Share:

Find here details of China Standard Steel Rail on our website. Today we would like to talk about what are the standards for long rail welding.

China Standard Steel Rail

China Standard Steel Rail

Rail welding is an important part of railway construction. Its quality directly determines the overall quality of the rail. Therefore, the welding of rails is generally valued during construction. Then, what are the precautions when welding long rails? China Steel Crane Rail Manufacturer would like to tell you.

1. The steel rail to be welded shall comply with the relevant technical conditions of the new line railway rail. The welding of the base rail shall be contact welding. The welding equipment operators must undergo professional training, be familiar with the quality standards of the rail welding head, and pass the examination of the relevant departments and obtain the operation. Certificate of conformity.

2. The operator must strictly implement the operation rules of the welding equipment, and check the operation parameters determined according to the form. Before the long rail welding, the distribution schedule should be prepared according to the design requirements.

3. For rails, the rails with asymmetrical cross-section and the same tolerance should be used for relative welding. The asymmetry deviation of the first and second sections of the long rail should not exceed 0.6mm. The rails should be sawed according to the requirements of the rails and straightening. In addition, after the hard bend of the rail is straightened, the sagittality measured by a 1 m ruler should not be greater than 0.2 mm. Remove the dirt within 0.5m from the rail end. The end surface of the rail and the contact between the rail and the electrode should be ground and rusted.

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