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How Many Types Of Railway Turnouts There Are?

Feb. 17, 2023 Share:

As a Crane Rail Supplier, we will discuss How Many Types Of Railway Turnouts There Are with you.

Railway turnouts and crossovers, including switches, frogs, guard rails, stock rails, and closure rails; rail fastening assemblies unique to turnouts; and miscellaneous components associated with railway turnouts, including switch rods and gauge plates. Crossover tracks, double crossovers including the central crossing frogs or diamond area, and single and double slip switches are included in this category. The cross ties to support railway turnouts and crossovers can also be considered part of special trackwork, especially concrete switch ties, which require far more design and fabrication effort than ordinary timber switch ties.

The diagram illustrates the principal elements of a single turnout which consists of a frog, a switch, two guard rails, straight and curved closure rails, stock rails and switch stand. Switch rods, combination slide plates, braces, and accessories may be varied to meet your specific trackage requirements.

We Rail manufacturer can produce a complete range of railway turnouts for all types of layouts, whether for conventional railways, high speed, trams, cargo or special layouts.

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