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What's the Role of Railway Fasteners?

Feb. 09, 2023 Share:

Railway Fasteners are the parts of the track used to join the rails and sleepers, also known as intermediate joint parts. Its function is to fix the rail to the sleeper, maintain the gauge and prevent the longitudinal and lateral movement of the rail relative to the sleeper. Railway rail fastener systems are divided into: shrapnel fastener system, gusset fastener system, and elastic strip fastener system.

Railway Fasteners

Railway Fasteners

Although the construction of Railway Rail is inseparable from the role of railway fasteners, the strength of some ordinary railway fasteners cannot adapt to the vibration of high-speed rail. Railroads such as railways and subways require high-strength railway fasteners. As the construction of railways continues to increase, our demand for high-strength railway fasteners will also increase rapidly.

Railway rail joints are the source of vibration. In order to overcome this vibration source and reduce the occurrence of rail joints, the use of railway fastener ring groove rivets is the best choice. Its use eliminates the problem of rail joints and increases joint resistance. Ensure the safety of rail transport. Therefore, the construction of railway freight rail transit is inseparable from the "support" of railway fasteners.

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