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Rails Are The Main Component Of Railway Tracks

May. 30, 2020 Share:

Light steel Rail is the main component of the railway track, it must ensure the continuity of the railway track and the quality of the rail itself. In order to ensure the normal operation of the railway and the person of the passenger, the waste steel rail must be replaced in time.

Light steel Rail

Light steel Rail

The formation of Heavy Steel Rail contact fatigue damage can be roughly divided into three stages: the first stage is the change in the shape of the rail tread, such as irregularities in the rail tread, and saddle wear at the welds. These irregularities will increase the wheel to the rail The second stage is the destruction of the metal on the surface of the rail head. Due to the cold hardening of the metal on the rail head tread surface, the hardness of the working surface of the rail head continues to increase.

Welding Q345B angle steel with strong adaptability to the base metal composition and low C, S, P content is used. The formed weld metal C, S has a lower content, a higher weld Mn / S ratio, and a higher Mn / Si ratio. It has strong ability to generate and propagate heat cracks, and root out the welding heat cracks of Q345B angle steel from metallurgical measures. The moderate yield ratio increases the reliability of the weld, and the weld stress does not easily rise to the strength limit and causes failure.

Correctly control the preheating temperature and interlayer temperature before welding. The preheating temperature is controlled at 150-200°C and the interlayer temperature is controlled at 150-300°C. This reduces the strain rate of the weld Q345B angle steel during solidification and reduces the welding heat input. Increase the welding speed to reduce the degree of crystal segregation.

Rail steel should be a high-strength low-alloy weathering steel. It also has a special performance requirement, which is a small thermal expansion coefficient. This is the current situation of high-speed driving. In order to reduce the collision and wear between wheel and rail, the length of the rail is longer than the old style. The rails are much longer, and the longer the rails are, the longer the spacing between the joints is, the longer the spacing will be, which makes it more difficult to drive.

H-beams are economical-cutting steels (others include cold-formed thin-walled steels, profiled steel plates, etc.). Due to the reasonable cross-sectional shape, they can make steels more effective and improve cutting capacity.

The above are the main components of the railway track introduced by 43kg Heavy Rail Manufacturer. I hope to help you.

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